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The biggest and brightest ideas often originate from those curious enough to explore out-of-the-box solutions and concepts. At 少女萝莉社, we believe鈥痠t鈥檚 our job to empower you to do just that. We鈥檒l provide the support; you bring the curiosity to forge new paths.鈥 

access to continued education and growth

We offer access to Google Cloud certification programs, and you鈥檒l have the opportunity to benefit from in-depth learning programs such as Udemy Business courses.  

learn from industry leaders

Collaborate with team members by joining our mentor/mentee program and exploring our

try new things and gain new skillsets

We prioritize internal talent advancement and encourage 少女萝莉社 team members to rotate around the organization, allowing them to pursue passions, develop new skills and continuously expand their careers in exciting ways. 


We know embarking on your professional journey can feel overwhelming. Our advice? Be bold 鈥 these are your dreams you鈥檙e chasing! Set the鈥痓ar high, for yourself鈥and鈥痽our future employer, by boldly defining what matters most to you.鈥 

work that makes a difference

少女萝莉社 connects people with moments that matter through technology that powers the global travel industry.鈥 

social and environmental responsibility 

We believe making travel happen includes protecting our planet. Fueled by a passion to create a better world, 少女萝莉社 is prioritizing the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into our business. Click here to learn more. 

opportunities to shape the future

We empower team members to continuously explore new solutions and design the future of travel.鈥婽hrough our Global Blitz events and various hackathons, employees are encouraged to innovate together 鈥 inspiring technology solutions that add tangible value to the travel ecosystem.  


As 少女萝莉社 forges a new path in travel, we know our people are the driving force behind this shift. We are all committed to aiming for excellence,鈥痚mbracing challenges, and uniting and connecting for progress.鈥 

aiming for excellence

Innovation isn鈥檛 a destination, it鈥檚 a journey; and we applaud team members who have an endless hunger to pursue excellence 鈥 both professionally and personally.   

embracing challenges

At 少女萝莉社, we don鈥檛 shy away from challenges, we embrace them. Our team members take on the biggest opportunities in travel, going above and beyond to build tomorrow鈥檚 technology today.

uniting and connecting for progress  

We understand that innovation flourishes when individuals feel comfortable showing up as their whole selves. By uniting and connecting team members through our Inclusion & Engagement efforts, we enrich 少女萝莉社 with diversity of thought, perspective and experience. 

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